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  • I have very small vessels under my skin, what can we do?
    When it comes to aesthetic problems, we can choose to either treat or do nothing depending on the patients and their requests. These tiny vessels or telangiectasias can be treated either by sclerotherapy or by transcutaneous laser.
  • Can I have varicose vein surgery during the summer?
    In fact, we do not recommend operations during summer periods because exposure to the sun of the areas operated on during the first weeks is prohibited given the risk of skin pigmentation. Wearing compression stockings or socks is also more painful during hot weather, but there is no contraindication to treating varicose veins in summer!
  • Varicose veins and pregnancy, what do we do?
    Surgery or medical intervention on varicose veins will only be done between pregnancies. You don't have to wait until the end of all pregnancies to deal with this problem, however, techniques have evolved and are minimally invasive.
  • Should I wear compression stockings all my life after the operation for varicose veins ?
    No, wearing compression stockings or socks is only necessary for 2 to 3 weeks (depending on the extent of the lesions) postoperatively.
  • Is surgery for varicose veins under local anesthesia painful?
    No, you feel the first injections of analgesics then the procedure is painless. On the other hand, the feeling of touch is still present but without pain.
  • Can I have varicose veins surgery after sclerosis?
    Yes, the intervention will be a little more complicated technically speaking but still feasible.
  • Will I have a work stoppage after surgery?
    Normally yes, a sick leave of a few days is prescribed due to discomfort but is not at all mandatory because postoperative pain and scars are much less today than in the past.
  • I have cramps in the calf when I walk, is it necessarily because of my arteries ?"
    No, it doesn't have to be an arterial problem, it can also be neurological. Therefore, a complete cardiovascular check-up is important to perform in the office. A physical examination and an ultrasound will help to document the causes of your problem.
  • I have artery stenosis should I put in a stent?
    Don't rush! we don't put stents on everyone. The first step is to assess the consequences of this arterial narrowing and discuss together the appropriate treatment.
  • "  When I have cramps I still walk because I don't want to lose my autonomy ! "
    Be careful, you must not continue walking when the cramp arrives. It is absolutely necessary to stop, wait for the pain to pass and resume walking slowly, on flat ground
  • Do you necessarily have to have an operation when you have calf cramps?
    No, we must first assess the cardiovascular profile and correct the risk factors: tobacco, high blood pressure, diabetes, physical inactivity, and diet. Only after these are corrected will we discuss surgical treatment if the problem persists.
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